Our farming business uses the Hort360 GBR program to increase confidence and certainty in managing our soil, water and crops. It helps us achieve a good financial return and be well regarded in our industry. Our Hort360 GBR certification shows that our business meets the standards and expectations of our customers and our community – reliably, responsibly, and with a firm eye on the future.

What is Hort360 Reef Certification?

The key purpose of a Hort360 Reef Certification is to provide a quality, credible certification pathway for horticulture growers to demonstrate their environmental stewardship and industry best practice standards in the Great Barrier Reef catchments.

The Hort360 Reef Certification aligns and leverages off current systems (i.e. Freshcare) used by horticulture businesses to provide a specific water quality outcome. This will ensure there is reduced administration effort for the grower.

For example, growers can be audited against the Hort360 Reef Certification at the same time as they are audited for Freshcare Food Safety QA and or Freshcare Environmental.

It is important to horticulture growers, with much of Queensland’s fruit, vegetable and nut production close to sensitive marine environments such as the Great Barrier Reef, that they manage their enterprises to reduce impacts on water quality both on and off farm.

Support to achieve Hort360 Reef Certification via the Hort360 GBR project will be initially rolled out to growers within the sub catchments and crop types as shown in the table below.

Other interested growers are more than welcome to participate.

Hort360 Reef Certification Introduction 
Provides outline of process and alignment to Freshcare Food Safety QA 4.1 and Freshcare Environmental v3

Hort360 Reef Certification Rules 
Sets out the Privacy, Paddock to Reef, Consent, Governance, General Rules, Uses of Hort360 and Hort360 Reef certification logos and Definition of Terms

Hort360 Reef Certification Compliance
Provides the compliance, evidence and Freshcare alignment for achieving Hort360 Reef Certification

Hort360 Reef Certification Interpretive Guideline
Provides background information to support components and questions as per the compliance

Hort360 Reef Certification Forms (Word docx)
Contains a checklist, record templates and action planning

Hort360 Reef Certification Management Practices
Sets out the management practices within the Reef Certification. These practices form the Hort360 Reef Certification module and the reporting framework for Paddock to Reef, P2R.

Hort360 Data Privacy Consent Form (Word docx)
Growcom is seeking your consent for the provision of farm management practice change data and the locality where the change has occurred.

Hort360 GBR BMP is funded through the Queensland Government’s Reef Water Quality Program and delivered by Growcom.